Saahil Cuccria

Saahil Cuccria

Saahil Cuccria ’19

Psychology, Economics, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Chandigarh, India

David Northcott Knapp Scholarship


I’m passionate about people and have always had a knack for business. My goal is to do applied psychology, helping companies to use a workforce to its finest while doing what’s best for employees. I really wanted to come to the U.S. to study psychology so I could be in a place where mental health is treated openly. In India, people don’t talk about it.

I’m taking psychology classes and also got into the Innovation & Entrepreneurship program. I’ve learned so much and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to design our own product and market it with the help of a mentor. I’m not only getting a business perspective, I’m learning about the economics and psychology behind business. Only a liberal arts education can do that. I’m also getting an opportunity to take what I’ve learned in my classes through an internship with the Boldt Company. Support from donors makes it possible for me to do that, to attend Lawrence, and I think about that every day.

Lawrence is a community that’s willing to talk about everything. There are also little pockets of comfort everywhere—friends, clubs, neighbors in the dorms.

“Support from donors makes it possible for me to attend Lawrence, and I think about that every day.”


My experience with Viking Chorale stands out. It’s like I leave my worries at the entrance of the chapel and walk in and sing for an hour. I had no musical experience. All my friends in the Conservatory said it doesn’t matter how you sound—if you like music you should pursue it! I went in and saw Associate Professor of Music and Co-Director of Choral Studies Stephen Sieck. He told me, “You’re already in, we are just going find out where to place you in the choir.” He said sing the note and I’ll meet you there. I didn’t know what to do. By the end, he had placed me in the baritones and said, “How about we meet once a week so I can give you some tips about singing?” The next term, I took Music Theory for Non-Majors and learned how to read music. It was so amazing that someone like Professor Sieck, who is so busy and working with the best singers, took out time for someone who has no musical knowledge. Now sometimes I find Handel’s Messiah and play my favorite sections remembering the great memories of rehearsals and performing it. I don’t think I would have gotten that opportunity anywhere else.



saahil in chapel





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