Campus Renewal

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Campus Renewal

Campaign Priority | $30 Million


Renew our beautiful, historic campus.

Our spaces—Björklunden, Memorial Chapel, Warch Campus Center, Seeley G. Mudd Library, Alexander Gymnasium, science labs, classrooms, residence halls—shape the student experience. The journey happens where our students live and where they learn. It is time to renew our beautiful and historic campus in key areas including athletics, the Center for Academic Success, and residence halls.

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Christyn Abaray
Director of Athletics


“We base our mindset, decisions, and actions on the Lawrence mission—holistic development of the future leaders of the world. This is liberal arts at its best, with athletics being the sweatiest of them all.

Educating the scholar-athletes, using sport as our vehicle and our playing surface as our classroom, teaches the tangible and intangible skills that enhance their education. Our coaches are educators, our practice plans are our lesson plans, and our contests are our tests and exams. These add to a student’s toolkit of skills and become transferable into whatever arena the students may find themselves.

While there are many lessons learned through athletics that will be useful in life, one participates to be competitive and to win. 

We are moving in the right direction—the Banta Bowl renovation, the hockey locker room project, endowment for the cross country team, and new program-level leadership. We are now ready to take even more significant steps forward.”

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Center for Academic Success

Lawrence University’s Center for Academic Success is an important resource available to all students, including those already achieving high levels of success, to help them realize their full potential. We are reimagining the Seeley G. Mudd Library as a 21st century learning commons, with a portion of the building dedicated to the Center for Academic Success. It will connect our inquisitive students, faculty, and staff with the tools they need to flourish in spaces equipped with new technology. This new home of the Center for Academic Success will be a place where students can seek mentorship from qualified and caring staff ready to foster confidence and share strategies for personal growth and educational achievement.

“The Center for Academic Success (CAS) has become a destination for students who want to achieve their greatest academic success. We take a holistic approach to assisting students, recognizing that academic abilities, success skills, and personal concerns often are connected. The CAS provides essential services for students focused on academic counseling, academic skills development, academic accommodations, ESL resources, tutoring, progress in courses and degree requirements, academic procedures, and student success courses. We work closely with students, faculty, and staff to address questions and concerns that support students’ overall Lawrence experience.”


Monita Mohammadian Gray ’92
Dean of Academic Success




Science Learning Commons

Lawrence seeks to transform a dated and underutilized lecture hall classroom into a modern active learning space for introductory science courses to boost student academic success.

Learn more about the Science Learning Commons (PDF)


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Residence Halls

Student success and transformation happens in every corner of the Lawrence campus. Lawrentians experience new ideas, intellectual exchange, interactions with differing cultures, and make new friends in our residence halls. Transforming our spaces will enhance the residential experience and help make Lawrence a top choice for more students.





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Support the Campaign

Everyone can Be the Light! for Lawrence University and the generations of Lawrentians to come. There are myriad ways to take part in this transformational campaign: GIVE to support vital campaign priorities, ATTEND a regional campaign event or other exciting alumni gatherings near you, and ENGAGE by volunteering as an Alumni Ambassador.