Juan Marin

juan marin with drone

Juan Marin ’20

Film Studies and German

Buford, Georgia

Lofgren Family Scholarship


Lawrence has definitely changed my perspective on how I view and understand things. It opened my eyes. Everyone was so accepting. I get to learn about things I wouldn’t have learned about somewhere else. I took a gender studies class. I started studying film. Lawrence is like what happens when I’m flying my drone—you see things from a different point of view. 


My interest in drones and film is pretty recent. As I was getting drone fever, we were watching some films in my German classes and I started to explore film studies more seriously. I’m interested in film and I’m a huge tech geek, so I wanted to combine the two. With film studies here, I have access to so much great technology. I also have an interest in computer science and want to use it to develop specific software and programs for drone applications. By combining computer science with what I am learning in film studies, I can use my knowledge of drones and their development to create drones for specific cameras used in moviemaking. Lawrence gives me the chance to do that.



“Lawrence is like what happens when I’m flying my drone—you see things from a different point of view.”



When I’m flying my drone, I feel like anything could happen. I see better from the sky and there is a sense of possibility. You see everything from a different perspective, like the turnabouts at the Banta Bowl. That’s one of my better pictures that I’ve taken; you see it from above and you see how green and vibrant Banta is. I’m part of the close-knit community I saw when I visited campus. It’s amazing walking around. People say “hi” to each other, there’s a sense of community. Lawrence is a home away from home.

If someone wants the chance to try something different, Lawrence is definitely the place to be, and I am an example of that. I wasn’t expecting all the personal changes and development that I’ve had here. Without donors, I might not even be here. For first generation students, all types of donor support—including generous scholarships like the one I receive, the Lofgren Family Scholarship—are a huge help. Not only do donors make my time at Lawrence possible, it is also encouraging to see the facilities being renovated and new technology installed.




juan flying drone





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